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Whether he’s surveying the streets and storefronts of his hometown of Denver, Colorado, or a lush landscape in a foreign land, award-winning artist Darrell Anderson finds a way, makes a way and champions for ways to create. He continually seeks — and seizes — opportunities to capture the one image or moment that makes someone stop to think; to appreciate; to reminisce; to enjoy; to relate; to respect; and to reach for meaning, purpose and peace.

And that’s just with his own artistry. Darrell is also a passionate art teacher, art consultant and advocate for the arts. He equips and inspires his students, who range from beginners to graduate-level artists. His command of history and mastery of a wide range of media have shaped powerful public art projects and determined the winners of prominent art competitions. When organizations, corporations and government agencies want to express themselves through art, they turn to Darrell for guidance.

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What Darrell can do for you


Darrell Anderson’s commissioned works delight thousands of people every day. You’ll find them at Denver International Airport, the U.S. Custom House in Denver, and in the homes and offices of private collectors worldwide. Darrell visits his clients’ locations, spending time getting to know the subject and forging a partnership that ultimately meets his clients’ desired vision and goals for the work.

Art Consulting

A great art consultant has a finger on the pulse of the art community to help clients make wise investments — but art consulting certainly doesn’t stop there. Darrell Anderson has nearly three decades of experience working as a consultant in the private and public sectors. His art consulting services include project research and development, public art selection, holistic brand alignment for corporations and organizations, inventory and asset management, and art installation. And when you want just the right piece for your home, he can help with that, too.

Teaching & Lecturing

Darrell Anderson is a passionate advocate for arts education and an experienced instructor whose own disciplined and joyous approach to art has helped launch many other professional careers. He has traveled the world to teach art and has served as a guest lecturer, artist-in-residence and program director. Contact him to discuss your curriculum development and instruction needs.

Art Lessons

No matter where you are in your art journey, Darrell Anderson will work with you to develop skills in drawing and painting. His Denver studio is a welcoming space for private art lessons focused on every individual student’s goals. Students range from beginners to graduate-level artists.

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