CONTACT Deep Dive: Journey of Life Self-Portrait | Darrell Anderson

Deep Dive: Journey of Life Self-Portrait

The inclusion of the self-portrait in this exhibition marks a deeply personal and reflective moment in Darrell’s journey. While the “Journey of Life” series profoundly connects to who Darrell was at that time, the self-portrait became a vital expression of his inner transformation and the challenges faced during the secrecy of his recovery process.

This piece, alongside the tribute to Charles Burrell, holds significant emotional and artistic weight. Featured prominently at the Florence Biennale Contemporary Art exhibition in 2007, these works not only reflect personal struggles and triumphs but also celebrate the influence of those who have inspired the artist. The self-portrait is an intimate glimpse into Darrell’s soul, offering a raw and honest portrayal of his experiences and growth.

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Artist: Darrell Anderson 30X40in Oil Painting