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Deep Dive: Play Angel for Me

“Play Angel for Me” by Darrell Anderson is a celebration of jazz through a contemporary lens. The piece incorporates squares, linear elements, and abstract impressions to capture the essence of jazz in a unique format. Initially conceived horizontally, the artwork revealed an unexpected, subconscious creation when turned vertically: the form of an angel.

This serendipitous discovery inspired the title “Play Angel for Me,” blending the spontaneity and improvisational nature of jazz with a modern artistic approach. The piece exemplifies Anderson’s ability to merge traditional themes with innovative techniques, creating a visual symphony that resonates with both jazz aficionados and art enthusiasts.

Through “Play Angel for Me,” Anderson invites viewers to experience jazz not just as a musical genre but as a dynamic and evolving visual art form, capturing its rhythm, energy, and spirit in a strikingly contemporary work.

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Artist: Darrell Anderson 4X5 oil painting