CONTACT Deep Dive: The Art of Community | Darrell Anderson

Deep Dive: The Art of Community

The “Art of Community” project, introduced in October 2019, is a visionary initiative created by Darrell Anderson aimed at uniting the residents of Denver’s City Park through art. This collaborative effort harnesses the beauty and history of the park by repurposing wood from trees removed during renovations of the City Park Golf Course. Saunders Construction, city officials, and local schools partnered with Cherry Arts to transform these materials into meaningful artistic expressions that will have a lasting positive impact on the community.

Featured in the image above, former Denver Mayor Michael Hancock joined students from St. Elizabeth School in a creative workshop, where each student received 30-50 pieces of wood to craft their interpretations of “The Art of Community.” This hands-on experience not only nurtured the students’ artistic talents but also fostered a deeper connection to their community and its history.

The completed artworks were juried, and these pieces displayed were the winning pieces and are proudly displayed in the new clubhouse at the course. This initiative not only beautifies the park but also inspires Denver’s next generation of artistic leaders, demonstrating the enduring power of community and creativity.