CONTACT The Art of Community Project underway | Darrell Anderson

I am excited to work in association with Saunders Construction Inc. and CherryArts to unite the community surrounding Denver’s City Park with a project called The Art of Community. Students at a variety of participating schools in the area will be provided wood from the trees from City Park Golf Course in a creative application to have a positive, everlasting effect. The aim of the project is unification — supporting our local neighborhoods, creating a sense of coming together and forging engagement with Denver’s next generation of artistic leaders. 

Project Scope

The program will supply each school with 30-50 pieces of wood for up to 20 participants.  Each school will decide how they choose the students that will participate and will receive a visit from Darrell to help facilitate the creative process.  The students’ objective is then to create a piece of art with the wood they have received (and any other materials or methods they choose) that represents “The Art of Community”.


The program will work with schools during the 2018 and 2019 school year.  Each student will have a month to complete their project.  The school will display the pieces until it is time for the judging.

The first round of judging will be done by the school and with Darrell to ensure that judging at each school is consistent.  Each school will award a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place as well as a student’s choice by March of 2019.  The pieces will remain on display at the school until the final round of judging.

The 1st place winner and student choice from each school will go to the finals which will be held in April of 2019.  The first prize winner will have their piece displayed in the new clubhouse for the grand opening of the golf course.


Sponsored art gift cards will be awarded to the winning students in appreciation of their participation and creativity for both the school-level competition and at the final round of judging!

Panel of Judges


We are relying on our community’s generosity to allow us to launch our inspired initiative.  Please visit our GoFundMe page HERE to donate.  

For project details or specific inquiries, please comment below or contact Darrell directly.