CONTACT Darrell Anderson’s Portrait Takes Center Stage in Thomas Evans’ Juneteenth Mural Project! | Darrell Anderson

Renowned artist Thomas Evans has unveiled a vibrant new mural in the heart of Denver’s historic Five Points neighborhood, prominently featuring local artist Darrell Anderson. This striking mural, located on the back of the Noble Riot wine bar, is part of Evans’ new initiative to celebrate Juneteenth and the Black liberation from slavery on June 19, 1865. The mural depicts Anderson as a symbol of the neighborhood’s future, highlighting his contributions as an artist and his vision for Five Points. Complementing Anderson’s image, the mural also honors Clara Brown, a well-known African-American entrepreneur, representing the rich history and enduring legacy of the community.

Evans’ murals are known for their bold, passionate, and brightly colored designs, bringing a fresh and dynamic energy to Five Points. This initiative aims to celebrate Juneteenth by showcasing significant figures who embody the spirit of Black resilience and progress. The inclusion of Darrell Anderson not only highlights his artistic achievements but also underscores the transformative potential of art in shaping the neighborhood’s future. As Five Points continues to evolve, Evans’ mural serves as a powerful reminder of its past, present, and future, resonating deeply with residents and visitors alike.